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Joyeuses Pâques

Tue 4-16-2019

Looking at our common house
we see so many things that hurt us
precisely because it is our house
all - women and men -
we are that house...

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33th anniversary of the farewell of our founder Father François

Wed 2-6-2019

Guatemala of the Assumption, February 06, 2019

Dear friends, receive our warmest greetings.

We thank and remember with fondness the life of our beloved founder Father François, on the 33rd anniversary of his farewell.

"I will be happy to leave this world with the certainty of leaving behind me a Fraternity, a movement of evangelization."

Father François

What a good idea to found the Father François fraternity; Father François ...

Hugs very affectionate
Core team

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15 years of struggles and... of loves...

Mon 12-17-2018

... "From November 19 to December 1, I was able to share with the Fraternity of Nicaragua - in Masaya - the fifteen years of struggles and love ...
In a very specific environment of the country, lived from different perspectives, we celebrate the history of a common path that was made in the day to day "...

By Miguel Ángel-Core Team

Complete article in the documentation section or in the "More information" link

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The new letter to the countries has been published

Tue 12-11-2018

Dear brothers and sisters of all the countries of the Intercontinental Frater. We greet you fraternally, feeling still in our hearts the presence of everyone in the VII Intercontinental Committee that took place in the city of Segovia, Spain from August 17 to 22 of this year... (Continue reading in "More information ")

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VII Intercontinental Committee Segovia 2018

Thu 8-16-2018

We held the Intercontinental Committee in Segovia from August 16 to 23, 2018

In the link you can download the committee's program

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World Encounter of Indigenous Youth - Panama 2019

Wed 7-18-2018

With great joy we opened the registration of groups, as a first step in the registration process for the World Meeting of Indigenous Youth, pre-session of the World Youth Day Panama

In the EMJI we will gather hundreds of young people from the various original peoples of the world to reflect and celebrate our faith in Christ from the thousand-year-old richness of our cultures. It will be an opportunity to respond to the invitation of Pope Francis to youth to be grateful for the history of our peoples and courageous in the face of the challenges that surround us to move forward full of hope in the construction of another possible world.

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Christmas card 2017

Mon 12-18-2017

Christmas card

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities 17-12-3

Tue 12-5-2017

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 17-12-3

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When we visit us we resuscitate (Spanish, French, English, German and Portuguese)

Thu 4-20-2017

Letter of congratulation and reflection on Easter 2017
New document in the downloads section.

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You can now download the Letter to Nations No. 22

Wed 2-8-2017

We have published the new Letter to Nations nº 22 of 2017. You can download it in the "Documentation" section.

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We greet with affection

Mon 9-19-2016

Brothers and sisters

We are today in the city of Segovia. This year with the joy of being one of us in this brother’s meeting, we have our sister Marie Wang, the presence of the brothers and sisters from Asians countries.

We will share in these days, the life which is forging with hopes, questions, difficulties, always with the strong encouragement that comes from the friendly and faithful word, that invite us to wake up and walk.

We will pray from our lives and from the sharing action, which is dialogue, listen, dedication and reception, we will all be enriched by humanity.

We will laugh and sing. The joy is with us and we transmit it. It is also a resurrection experience.
Please pray for us.

A big hug for each of you from this city where brothers and sisters shelter an treat us very well.

Intercontinental Team.

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Tue 8-16-2016

We are grateful and remember the basic equipment of the Fraternity of each country. It is difficult to make a global meeting, doubts, finding financial resources, the number of participants, etc., are not clear until the last moment. Still, the Fraternity (and its members) has demonstrated once again the importance of good progress for personal contact, we feel beside the other, walking together to strengthen our commitment and further revitalize your spirit. All this fed the meeting with the contact face to face. For this they have been required all financial contributions that have generously fraternal conducted; the time spent on the preparations by the committee, the effort to be present ... become fruits of enormous satisfaction. We are called to sow (as P.François says, «without waiting to know the outcome»), yet we are lucky and touches us collect (gather the fruit) as close, fraternal encounter, like Jesus. That's why we are already preparing for the next Committee, possibly to be held in 2018.

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