Equipo Núcleo Panamá

Sonia Leticia Martínez García
Intercontinental Coordinator

"Get up and walk" is part of my daily life.
Our Capabilities Overcome Our Limitations.
Life will put you in obstacles; but you set the limits.

Claudia I.Padilla VI am Sonia Leticia Martinez Garcia, I was born on July 7, 1977, in Guatemala City, I acquired a physical disability 25 years ago, as a result of an accident I became paraplegic, from there I changed the direction of my life to 360 degrees, My dreams and projects. I consider myself an affable, enterprising, social communicative woman, very grateful to life, and a warrior woman.

I found a different life, I was born again and I understood that I had a second chance to live, I realized that it was part of the world of disability that nobody sees ...; and from that day everything was going to be different in what I wanted to achieve, my effort was to double in all my activities to be done. But that did not stop me in my life expectations, I was filled with many strengths to resume my life with a positive attitude always, it does not mean that I did not decay, there have been many moments, from which I have learned to not always remain that way. I have learned to fall and get up every day.

Our Good Father gave me a second chance and I consider myself privileged to open my eyes every morning when many have closed them forever, life is very ephemeral that is why I have learned to enjoy to live, to forgive, to love, to understand, to tolerate, etc ... Always with the support of my family and friends. I consider myself a charismatic person and that I am part of God's perfect plan for each one.

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María Del Carmen Mazariegos Ola
Intercontinental Vice-Coordinator


Marķa Del Carmen MazariegosMaría del Carmen Mazariegos Ola, Guatemalteca, 15-3-53. Occupation: Florist.

As I have shared in other opportunities:

1976. Leaving for a walk, the friend who was driving did not see a bend and we fell into a ravine. Since then I move in a wheelchair. It was a hard time. And like the Parable of the Lost Currency, finding Frater, everything made sense. My life was not ending ... with my family it was TIME TO BEGIN.

1979. Sister Rosita Hasbún invited me to a fraternity meeting, I liked the joyful atmosphere so much ... I thought, here I want to stay.

1980 Secretariat support in an Area Encounter

1983 Member of a nucleus. National team secretary

1987 National Coordinator

1993 2001 Area I Coordinator (Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean), Extension visits, animation, training.

2014 2018 Intercontinental Coordinator attached.

I'm gratefull. It has been a strong time, with so much wealth, faces, inns where I was welcomed with so much love, friends, hugs, goodbyes. I continue to be part of a core and core team.

As I have often said; "La Frater is a very happy way of life."

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Miguel Ángel Arrasate
Intercontinental Advisor

"What do you want me to do for you? Get up, take your stretcher-story and walk to the community."

Foto de Albert Arrufat
Michelangelo Arrasate. O.P

Dominican order

Date of birth: 15-3-51.

Spanish nationality.

Resides: Panama- Republic of Panama

Christian fraternity of people with disabilities (FRATER)

Dear fraternity, family ...

Cordial greetings and my apologies for delaying the response, as the letter sent requested a limit response on May 15.

First of all, thank you for the confidence you express in proposing my person for this specific responsibility within the fraternity.

As you know, I am, as part of the team, concluding the period that the committee of Slovenia was entrusted to us to perform this service.

What can I say about myself? They know me more or less ...

I still have written the words I said in Slovenia:

“On March 15, 51, they gave me my life.

I found that out a lot later.

Life has been educating me in sensitivity. It is a gift and a job. Something to share and learn.

Day by day we are educating in humanity.

From frater you reread life and history. People with disabilities have always been close in my story.

Walking with you is a gift and an education to always be more human, more person, more people.

It is about walking to the rhythm of the human and that is the best planting. I want to share and live with you.

That is sowing… discovering the seed… being the seed… thanking the seed ”

I share them again ... I would add with more conviction that frater is like another Jesus who, like him, with his life, is an invitation to all of us to get up, assume our history and make a path together so that we can all have life and live it fully (John 10.10).

To make that path is to walk.

I arrived in Panama in November of 1975 and until 1983 I accompanied weekly to blind people in the national union of the blind - present in the area of ​​parish work -

Since 1998 I have been related to walking with the frater:

Before arriving in Panama, at the time of training in Spain, I have been very close to this reality of disability in the community in which I lived.

I enclose the letter that is requested of approval or approval of the Dominican community coordinator to which I belong.

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