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38th anniversary of the Easter of our founder «Father Henry Francois»

Thu 2-8-2024


Singing expresses the strong feelings of the person singing and arouses them in others.

War song: and the hands tighten on the weapons.

Song of mercy: and hands join together.

Song of Fraternity: and hands are extended.

A man who sings, what is he?

An enthusiastic man. He is filled with some great ideal, which guides his thoughts, provokes his actions, causes his joys and his sorrows.

An enthusiast cannot keep what excites him to himself. He needs to get it out of himself. (EASTER Message 1959).

Remembering him with joy and gratitude.

A strong and brotherly hug.

Core team

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A synodal Church on mission. Synthesis report

Thu 2-8-2024

XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops
First session

October 4-29, 2023 - Vatican City

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Neither handicapped nor disabled: I am a person

Thu 2-8-2024

Achieving fair rights for people with disabilities is always a tough struggle. On January 18th, a historic demand was fulfilled, affecting four and a half million people, with the approval of the reform of Article 49 of the Constitution, replacing the term "disabled" with "person with disabilities" and incorporating key elements such as "the obligation to guarantee full autonomy and social inclusion." The substantive aspect of the modification is the designation of "person," beyond the term "disability," as this can change. Until now, we have been "subnormal," "invalid," or "handicapped." However, being regarded as a person affirms the dignity of the human being. Only then is it possible to develop and live as full-fledged citizens.

Enrique Alarcón
President of the Confederation of People with Disabilities of Castilla-La Mancha

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Contribution: Letter 1

Thu 2-1-2024

You can see the letter in our "Documentation" section in "Contributions"

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