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33th anniversary of the farewell of our founder Father François

Wed 2-6-2019

Guatemala of the Assumption, February 06, 2019

Dear friends, receive our warmest greetings.

We thank and remember with fondness the life of our beloved founder Father François, on the 33rd anniversary of his farewell.

"I will be happy to leave this world with the certainty of leaving behind me a Fraternity, a movement of evangelization."

Father François

What a good idea to found the Father François fraternity; Father François ...

Hugs very affectionate
Core team

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15 years of struggles and... of loves...

Mon 12-17-2018

... "From November 19 to December 1, I was able to share with the Fraternity of Nicaragua - in Masaya - the fifteen years of struggles and love ...
In a very specific environment of the country, lived from different perspectives, we celebrate the history of a common path that was made in the day to day "...

By Miguel Ángel-Core Team

Complete article in the documentation section or in the "More information" link

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The new letter to the countries has been published

Tue 12-11-2018

Dear brothers and sisters of all the countries of the Intercontinental Frater. We greet you fraternally, feeling still in our hearts the presence of everyone in the VII Intercontinental Committee that took place in the city of Segovia, Spain from August 17 to 22 of this year... (Continue reading in "More information ")

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VII Intercontinental Committee Segovia 2018

Thu 8-16-2018

We held the Intercontinental Committee in Segovia from August 16 to 23, 2018

In the link you can download the committee's program

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